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Say hello to your new little secret that creates an instant flawless figure. This non latex waist trainer stays smooth under all your outfits, whether at work in a blouse or owning the dance floor in your favorite dress. The dual-closure design gives you more freedom to move, while also being extra-secure. Simply zip yourself up, and enjoy instant inches off your waist!

Its a Kurve Control product: a world-class maker of waist trainers, so you can rely on the quality design and materials. Suitable for sensitive skin, this non latex trainer is made from a stretchy Lycra/cotton blend for the perfect balance between all-day comfort and smoothing results. FlexiBoning Rods are stitched into the garment to add sturdy and flexible squeezing control.

  • Premium-Quality Waist Trainer to Give You Authentic Results
  • Non Latex Lycra Fabric with a Natural Cotton Lining, Perfect for Sensitive Skin
  • Hook-and-Eye Closures with Zippered Overlay to Give You a Seamless Finish
  • Smooth and Lightweight to Easily Transition From Work to Night Out

The Zip-And-Clip takes inches off your waist instantly, and can give you a permanent hourglass figure with regular use. Wear it 6-8 hours daily for 4 weeks, and you can lose up to 4-inches off your waist, for good!

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